During this period of COVID-19 concerns, I have moved my practice online where I meet regularly with clients on the easy-to-use, free Zoom platform (available at https://zoom.us/) or Skype. Feel welcomed to meet with me online.


For your FREE copy of 20 tips the American Lung Association recommends for you to prepare to stop smoking, click:

20 Prep Tips


The Portland Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program Consists of …

Throw away your cigarettes and lighter. Come to session, prepared to leave smoking in your past!Learn More
Your smoking cessation CDs give you daily at-home reinforcement of your new smoke-free way of life!Learn More
If you’ve quit smoking before, you know there’s a difference between stopping and staying stopped.Learn More

Some persons want cognitive support, others’s don’t. All receive supportive literature to ease your transition to a smoke-free life.Learn More
Not a national chain like P0sitive Changes. Certainly less expensive than it and others!Learn More
You have my guarantee of 1 year of free support of your remaining a non-smoker!Learn More

What Some of My Clients have to Say …

It’s been neat. I love it! From the time I walked out of there, I’ve had no cravings!
Shawna W., 40-year smoker
I really can’t believe it was this easy. I walked out of your place, and I  didn’t have any desire for a cigarette. 
Mike M.,, long-time smoker
It’s been supereasy.
Stacy M., 12-year smoker
“I appreciate the kind words and very much appreciate the service you offer, I’m thrilled with the results and excited to be a NON SMOKER
James H., 27-year smoker
“I have never had quitting be so easy. THANK YOU!!
Melanie D., 30-year smoker
Outstanding! Wonderful! Not event a hint of a desire to smoke.
Jim M., 9-year smoker
From the day I left here, I couldn’t care less about smoking.
Peggy K., 35-year smoker

With Michael Nagel MA CHT

hypnotherapy in Portland

Michael Nagel MA CHT
Portland Hypnotherapist

Why Choose Portland Quit Smoking?

  • 18-years+ hypnosis expertise, NGH-Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor
  • 50-minute interview identifies and addresses client problem areas
  • Stop Smoking & Strategic ‘Stay Smoke-Free’ hypnosis sessions
  • Take-home CDs for convenient daily at-home hypnosis reinforcement
  • American Lung Association “7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life” book & handouts
  • Convenient Southeast, near-downtown Portland location with parking
  • 1-Year of free support guarantee!
  • Competitive pricing of $300. Not $900+ of a national hypnosis chain.
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Initial 2-hr Stop Smoking Session

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Initial 2-hr Stop Smoking Session
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