affordable Portland smoking cessation

Affordable, Portland-Based Program

The cost of the Portland Quit Smoking program is $300 – for everything, including 1 year of free support! The price for a couple (with whom I work the program individually) is $540 reflecting a 10% discount.

The program’s individual price compares to $900+ charge of the national hypnosis chain which advertizes locally. Many local hypnotherapists charge somewhat more than $300. And some charge less, but their program is not as comprehensive. Moreover I am unaware of any program which offers you 1 year of free support guarantee.

The price of the program is so much less expensive than what you’re spending on cigarettes. Surely you’ve noticed how expensive cigarettes are. But have you really tallied the cost to you the actual cost of your cigarette smoking. It’s sobering to become aware of the cost:

Your Cost of Cigarettes at $8.00 Per Pack
# Cigarettes Smoked Per Day Daily Cost Cost/Year 5 Years 10 Years 20 Years
5 Cigarettes $2.00 $730 $3,650 $7,300 $14,600
10 Cigarettes $4.00 $1,460 $7,300 $14,600 $29,200
1 Pack $8.00 $2,920 $14,600 $29,200 $58,400
2 Packs $16.00 $5,840 $29,200 $58,400 $116,800

Of course, it goes without saying that spending your stop smoking dollars on any local hypnotherapist will support our local economy, rather than sending your money out of town.

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