Portland Stop Smoking Program Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of the smoking cessation program?

The price of the smoking cessation program is $300. Payment may be made by check, credit/debit card, cash, or PayPal. The price is less expensive than the continuing cost to your health and pocketbook of smoking carton after carton of cigarettes.

Note for couples I offer a 10% discount resulting in a total $540 price. When I work with a couple, I work with each one individually, just as if they had signed up for individually.

Portland quit smoking

Is the program covered by insurance?

Oregon insurers do not cover hypnosis, possibly except when the work has been referred by a medical doctor. However the expenses you pay for a quit smoking program such as mine are tax deductible using IRS form 8885. Given how tax law changes frequently, please verify this with your accountant.

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Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes, everyone is able to be hypnotized. Everyone is suggestible to one extent or another. In my years of working with clients, I have been able to hypnotize every client. Were I not able, that would say more about my lack of skill than my client’s ability to go into trance. After all, we all go into natural trance states each and every day.

Are There Easier Times to Stop Smoking and Easier Ways?

Yes! If you’re experiencing or about to experience a major stressor in your life, such as a wedding, divorce, job change, layoff, selling your business, etc., then I suggest that you be kind to yourself, and postpone your decision to stop smoking until your life has returned to a sense of stability. You don’t need the additional stress of changing to a smoke-free lifestyle. Wait until your life calms down.

If your spouse or partner or roommate smokes, before you quit it helps to make firm agreements ahead of time about how he/she will support you.

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