quit smoking program for Portland

1-Year Guarantee of Free Support

Although hypnosis is quite powerful as the “Hypnosis Effectiveness” page demonstrates, still it is not a magic wand. Results do vary from client to client, especially given differences in motivation and commitment. Given such variables, I can’t guarantee the performance of my clients. But I can, and I do guarantee my support of them.

What does my guarantee of support for you mean practically? After the Strategic Second Hypnosis session, if in the following 12 months you feel you need a “booster shot” to support your life as a non-smoker, you are welcome to come in for a 50-minute hypnosis session for free.

Moreover, you are welcome to come in for as many times as you need to be successful – for free. That’s quite straightforward. No ifs, ands, or butts. Moreover, I am unaware of any local practitioner offering such a guarantee!

For a laugh, let me here mention that some fellow practitioners boast of a 100% success rate. Nonsense! They would be millionaires, were that so. How do they rationalize their 100% success rate? One practitioner told me that he sees each client once, and never again. Because he never hears from the client again, he counts that person as having successfully stopped smoking.

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