stop smoking with Michael Nagel

Initial 2-Hr Stop Smoking Session

In this 2-hour session, you become a non-smoker. Come to session, prepared to leave smoking in your past forever. Prior to session, be sure you’ve thrown away your cigarettes and lighter, and tossed your ashtrays. You won’t need them anymore.

There’s much that we cover. If hypnosis is a new experience for you (see the “About Hypnosis” page), then I take time explain hypnosis to your satisfaction. I answer questions that you may have about hypnosis, and I explain the hypnosis work that we’ll do in our first session. I want you to feel wonderfully comfortable with hypnosis.

I also interview you in-depth about you and your smoking habit. I want to learn how you started, what motivates you to smoke, what motivates you to quit, what your triggers are, whether you have smoking-related health issues, etc. If we discover problem areas in your thinking about becoming a non-smoker, then we address them. After the interview, together we review what I’ve learned.

Then we turn our attention to hypnosis. I hypnotize you for you to become a non-smoker. Your hypnosis experience will be about 30 minutes long. After your relaxing hypnosis experience, I then create a CD recording of our hypnosis work for you. We settle up, and arrange your second Strategic Hypnosis Session.
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